last update April-04-2018
Support is only for the software (Android vers. only), no advice or recommendation
will be given on the use of maps. 
Except the brief descriptions available on the site,
no additional information will be provided on the maps, for any additional questions,  please ask in the appropriate forums.

Links and downloads


  • Link to FTDI (D2XX) CDM DRIVERS 
  • Installation of FrameWork 2.0 (XP only)
    Run dotnetfx.exe and follow the instructions. Link to Microsoft download.

TuneECU Specific, link's and downloads


General Triumph Forums

Aprilia Forums

Forums Benelli

KTM Forums

Videos, TuneECU for Windows

Videos, TuneECU for Android

Owners Handbooks Triumph

Recall and Technical Updates VIN Check Enquiry
  • links no longer available
Search Engines



Triumph Workshop Manuals

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