TuneECU can basically be used only on models which are listed in the compatibility list.

last Update November-19-2016
Support is only for the software (Android vers. only), no advice or recommendation
will be given on the use of maps. 
Except the brief descriptions available on the site,
no additional information will be provided on the maps, for any additional questions,  please ask in the appropriate forums.

Quick Guide

This description was created for the Windows version of TuneECU and can be applied largely
on the Android version. Deviations in the Android version will be added here by and by.


TuneECU (Windows version)  here   
TuneECU (Android version) Google Play Store


T-Tunes here
Ducati-Tunes here
Moto Guzzi-Tunes here
Moto Morini-Tunes here
Gilera-Tunes here

Installation instructions in various languages - tuneecu.com
Recommended FTDI CDM (D2XX) drivers - Virtual COM Port Drivers older FTDI Drivers here

Sources for
cable and/or Plug Adaptor:

Simple over view:

  1    For Windows:
        Download latest version of TuneECU for Windows. Unzip into new folder.

  1.1 For Android: 
Download the Android software exclusively from the Google Play Store.
        For the Android devices additional is a host-cable or host-adapter is required (also called
        OTG-cable or OTG-adapter).
         Information for Android: HERE

  2    Order OBD-USB FTDI cable for VAG (VW Audi Group).

  2.1   Download and install the FTDI-driver for cable. (Windows only)
           Windows7, Vista & XP: after driver-download, disconnect the Internet connection,
           now plug in the cable.
   2.2 For Walbro models required is only a RS232-computer-cable and the same AMP-Super-seal plug,
         which is also used for the Benelli-Sagem models. Maybe You need nor a USB/RS232-converter.
         This converter is required if your computer has no serial interface (RS232) has.
For the Android devices additional is a host-cable or host-adapter is required (also called
         OTG-cable or OTG-adapter).

Note: For the Walbro models is when using TuneECU for Android, still a converter cable,
            FTDI-USB-RS232 12V, required.

Problems with the driver installation (Windows only) ?
For example, Windows reports: can not find driver software for this device
Please read this post:

  3 - Download any/all related maps for your bike.

  4 - Open map and connect to bike (Turn the key to the ON position and the ignition kill switch to the RUN
        position, but do not start the engine.).

  5 - Under ECU at top, select Read Map. This will upload the map from the ECU to TuneECU.

  6 - Save the original map with a new name. Preferably in a new file for your future maps.

  7 - Open map file you want to load to bike's ECU.

  8 - Download map to ECU.

Should you have issues connecting to the ECU, make sure your battery is fully charged FIRST.
Then make sure key switch is ON and kill switch is ON.
Occasionally it happens that the download fails, although was kept strictly to the instructions.

It turns out that it comes to these interruptions, when the battery voltage falls below 12,5 volts,
even when connected battery charger.
Apparently, the power delivered to the modern battery chargers not prevent that.
It works perfectly when a second 12-volt car battery is connected.

YES - The TuneBoy USB cable will work with TuneECU.

YES - The serial TuneBoy-cable can also be used with TuneECU, but is a USB-Serial-Adapter necessary,
has a FTDI-chip-set. Good example is here the Digitus DA-70156 USB-Serial-Adapter.
YES - 
The ELM 327 (Bluetooth) works with TuneECU, but only with the Android version.
          Restriction: The reading of the map from the ECU and the reprogramming of the ECU,is not available
          with a Bluetooth-connection, for security reasons.

Restriction for the USB-TuneBoy-Cable:
The USB-TuneBoy cable works only with the ancient FTDI driver from TuneBoy's own site.
The hardware id of TuneBoy cable is different vs. a generic/TuneECU FTDI cable.
So even though both cables have same chip, TuneBoy cable needs the matching driver.
For  WIN8/8.1 unfortunately, the tuneboy driver is to install only with a trick. See here.
The problem is the enforced driver signing in Windows8 & Windows 8.1.

NO   - The TuneECU cable will not work with TuneBoy/TuneEdit

Comparison between TuneECU and the competitor.

Thanks to "moto-abruzzo" from the Aprilia Forum

All care has been taken in the creation of this page, however, the author
cannot guarantee  the completeness and accuracy of this information.

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